Name: Veli-Matti Saarela
Nickname: Vellu Saarela
Birthday: 18th of October 1992
Location: Tampere, Finland
Years Tricking: 11
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 79 kg
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Role: CEO & Team Leader

Veli-Matti Saarela has been performing, competing and teaching tricking all around the world since 2007. With the experience of around 500 live shows Vellu provides the best quality of tricking performing out there.  He has visited more than 50 acrobatics / tricking events as a special guest over the last eight years and worked in 20+ foreign countries including several European countries, North America, Canada, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Korea and China.

The leading force that has made him so successful in the tricking community and the entertainment business is his motivation to get better every day and provide the best quality possible in his tricks and his work. During his travels he hasn't been only working, but trying to always learn as much as possible from the masters of different sports and art forms. Experience gathered from all around the world, combined with the daily hard work at the gym has made him one of the most skilled trickers out there.

Vellu Saarela was part of a tricking group Unito 2007 - 2015.

In April 2015 he stepped out and founded VellusTa Ltd and VellusTa Team. VellusTa Team is a group of professionals who are passionate in providing the highest quality work in everything we do. 


Kinema theater production (30 shows) 2017, Sweden & Finland
4th Islamic Games Opening Ceremony 2017, Azerbaijan
High Class Private Wedding 2017, India
Spotlight Festival 2017, Romania
Private company Gala 2017, Spain
SuperTrik tour in SuperPark activity parks 2017, Finland

FC Barcelona vs Al-Ahli Football match Opening Ceremony 2016,
Private corporate gala in Abu Dhabi 2016, United Arab Emirates

Show for the King of Bahrain & Royal Military College 2016, Bahrain
Japan Tricking Battle 2016, Japan

Asian Games Launching Ceremony 2016, Turkmenistan
Teatris, Finland
Porto Marina 2016, Egypt
Antalya Expo 2016, Turkey
High Class Wedding 2016, India
”Big Muuv” project in co-op with Finnish National Ballet 2016, Finland
Swedbank - Tapahtumatoimisto Akrobaatti, Finland

Dancetheater Hurjaruuth's Wintercircus (83 shows) 2015, Finland
Wirtgen Group Mineral Days Spectacle (harness climbing, tricking, pyro) 2015, Germany
”Illuminaire” Fire & Light Show Production Emirates Palace 2015, United Arab Emirates
Baku 1st European Games Closing Ceremony 2015 – Five Currents, Azerbaijan
High class private Party 2015 Marbella, Spain
Stunts in Finnish Film ”Tappajan Näköinen Mies”, 2015 Estonia
FIFA Congress Show 2015 – Wolf Productions / Move Artistics, Switzerland
”Parsifal” theatre production at Tampere-talo 2015, Finland
Biathlon World Championships 2015, Finland
Sport & Schau SportGala 2015, Germany

Co-operation with HP 2014 - 2015, Finland
Bahrain National Day 2014, Bahrain

Helsinki Pop Show Stadium Show for Finnish Artist "Robin" 2014, Finland

Volkswagen press conferences 2014 – Wolf Productions, China
Volkswagen VIP event 2014 – Quinton's Concept, Germany

International Show Jumping (Glock Perfection) 2014, Austria
Microsoft HQ Show 2014, Finland

OP Pohjola 2013, Finland
Red Bull Throwdown & Red Bull Kick It 2013-2014, US & Korea

TurnGala showtour 2013-2014 - ISDC, Germany

United Bankers International Horseshow 2013, Finland
Finnair Private Party 2013, Finland

GymMotion showtour 2012 - ISDC, Germany

Berlin Fashion Show 2012 - Camp David, Germany
ABC tv ad for S-ryhmä - Tuotantoyhtiö Legenda, Finland

Music For Martial Arts And Dance theatre production 2012, Finland

European Youth Capital Ceremony 2012, Portugal

Zenrobotics Christmas party 2011, Finland

Finland's Got Talent Finals with team Unito 2011, Finland

Flamma's firetheatres 2007-2011, Finland

United Arab Emirates National Day Ceremony 2010, UAE

Circus Ruska Festival 2010, Finland




Battle of North 2016, 2nd in team battles, Norway
HOOKED European Tricking Championships 2014, Netherlands, 1st in teams, 3rd in singles
Red Bull Kick It - acrobatics judge, Korea

The Big Trick Nation Club Winner 2013, Germany

Red Bull Throwdown - Most gainers 2013, Atlanta USA
GIGA Gathering 2012, 1st in teams, Germany

The Big Trick 6 (unofficial European Championships of tricking) 2011, 1st in single & 1st in teams, Germany
GIGA Gathering 2011, 2nd in teams, Germany

Drednt Tricking Gathering 2011 Team Battles Winner, New York USA

Drednt Tricking Gathering 2010 Single Battles Winner, New York USA
GIGA Gathering 2010 1st in teams, Germany

The Big Trick 5 (unofficial European Championships of tricking) 1st in singles 2009, Germany
Falun Gathering 2007 – 1st in singles and teams, highest flip, longest flip, biggest trick, Sweden