VellusTa Team provides high energy, acrobatic shows spiced with elements from modern circus and dance. Stirring bodycoordination, disciplined martial arts and high-flying flips will make the audience gasp and take your event to the next level. Shows can be tailored to fit your event, atmosphere and brand!


- Tricking solo, 2-3 minutes
- Duo VellusTa 4-5 minutes pair acrobatics act
- VellusTa tricking shows, 2 - 8 persons
- Audience Entertainment,
- Dragonbreath Show Finale 30s - 2mins
- UniFlow fire, glow & tricking
shows, 2 - 15 persons
- Theater Production

- Seasons and Tours

 VellusTa's high energy shows will bring joy for the audience and atmosphere full of enthusiasm. Your customers will never forget your event. Our way of performing with martial arts tricking and acrobatics combined together is very creative and VellusTa Team's show is representing a new trend in the modern innovative entertainment business.


Tricking is a growing sport which mixes elements from martial arts, gymnastics and breakdancing. Tricking athletes aim for creating aesthetically pleasing combinations of kicks, flips and twists.


VellusTa is a tricking showteam based in Finland who's members have been tricking, competing, performing and teaching all around the Europe and in USA, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Korea, Israel and China. Teams members have earned recognition by winning numerous tricking battles and sport competitions and have performed all together more than 2000 shows.


Our goal is to provide the most professional level of tricking and acrobatics performing with the best quality. We want to push  tricking forward as a sport as well as an artform and make it familiar for more people.










VellusTa's performers have performed in various long theater projects:

2017 Kinema New Circus Production by Circo Aereo (22 shows)
2015 Dancetheater Hurjaruuth's WinterCircus Matkalla (83 shows)
2015 "Illuminaire" Fire and Light Spectacle by Phoenix Fire Dancers in United Arab Emirates
2015 Parsifal Tricking Theater Production by Unify Productions in Tampere Talo
2012  Antti Polameri & Co., Music For Martial Arts And Dance at Verkatehdas
2009-2011 Flamma, "Kalevala-Trilogy
2007-2008 Flamma, "Dream Of The Fools" , Pyynikin kesäteatteri

2015 UNITO , Parsifal at Tampere talo


Veli-Matti Saarela, Karina Saarela and Anssi Nurmi performed around 80 shows in Germany 2012-2014 as a part of GymMotion and TurnGala tours.

List of the biggest clients and projects throughout the years can be found below on the ABOUT section.